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How to Manage Brand Equity

When Apple introduced the iPhone, it wasn't just launching a new product; it was enhancing its brand equity by aligning innovation with user expectations. You're constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining the value of your brand in a similar way. By engaging effectively with your customers and ensuring your products consistently meet their needs, … Read more

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The Power of Licensing Harnessing Brand Equity

You've likely noticed how some brands are almost everywhere you look, yet you're not buying directly from their original product lines. This phenomenon is often the result of strategic licensing agreements, a tool that can significantly amplify a brand's market presence and, in turn, their revenue. By licensing their brand, companies capitalize on existing brand … Read more

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Steps in Building Brand Equity

When you're building brand equity, the first crucial step is defining your brand identity. This isn't just about choosing a logo or a catchy slogan; it's about understanding and articulating what your brand stands for, its core values, and how it's perceived by your target audience. You'll need to be consistent in your messaging across … Read more

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What Is Not a Component of Brand Equity

When you think about brand equity, you might instinctively consider the tangible aspects of a company such as its physical assets or the skill sets of its employees. However, these are not direct components of what builds brand equity. While essential for operational success, elements like state-of-the-art facilities or a highly skilled workforce don't necessarily … Read more

Protect Your Online Reputation: The Trusted Source for Genuine Reviews

In an era where fake reviews run rampant, endangering the reputations of businesses and misleading consumers, emerges as a beacon of trust and authenticity. As major online firms join forces to combat the scourge of fraudulent reviews, it becomes increasingly clear that genuine, unbiased feedback is more valuable than ever. This is where … Read more

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How to Brand a Service

Jumpstart your service branding by identifying unique benefits; discover secrets to embedding identity and adapting to feedback for unstoppable growth.

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What Makes up Brand Equity

Gain insights into the core components of brand equity—awareness, associations, quality, loyalty—and discover what elevates or undermines your favorite brands.