Domain Dispute Resolution


The Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) process provides a fast, cost-effective way to address clear-cut cases of infringement, especially useful for blatant cases of domain squatting. When you choose URS, our team swiftly files a complaint, targeting egregious infringements with the aim of suspending the disputed domain.



UDRP(Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy), is a legal process specifically designed for resolving disputes over domain names, particularly those involving trademark infringement. We guide you through this formal process, preparing and presenting a comprehensive case to demonstrate infringement and reclaim your domain.


Takedown Notice

Takedown Notices are crucial in compelling hosting services or website operators to remove infringing content. Our experienced team drafts and submits these notices, ensuring they meet legal requirements and clearly articulate the infringement.


Domain Suspension

Domain Suspension involves temporarily disabling access to a domain involved in infringement activities. This strategy is particularly effective in mitigating harm while a more permanent resolution is being sought. We liaise with domain registrars and legal authorities to implement suspensions, ensuring rapid response to protect your brand.



Dehosting involves removing an infringing website from its hosting service. By compelling the hosting provider to take down the site, we effectively disrupt the infringer’s online presence. Our approach is thorough, ensuring that all avenues are explored to achieve the dehosting, which can be a powerful deterrent against persistent infringers.


DMCA Notice

The DMCA Notice is a legal tool used to protect your copyrights online. Our team skillfully crafts these notices to address copyright infringements on websites, digital marketplaces, and social media platforms. By invoking the DMCA, we help enforce your copyright claims, often resulting in the immediate removal of infringing content.



Dropcatching involves securing domain names that have expired and are essential to your brand before they are exploited by others. Our vigilant monitoring and quick action ensure that valuable expired domains are caught and registered on your behalf, preventing potential misuse and securing these assets for your brand’s digital portfolio.


Strategic Patience

In some cases, a wait-and-see approach can be the best and most cost-effective strategy. When a disputed domain is close to expiration and poses a low risk of exploitation, it may be more advantageous to allow the domain to expire naturally. Our team advises on the feasibility and risks of this approach, ensuring that strategic patience is employed only when it aligns with your best interests.


Domain disputes can be a long and painful process!

If you’re facing domain infringement, is your steadfast ally. We offer a range of options to effectively resolve domain disputes