As a trademark watchdog, we scan for infringing domain names, typos, and phishing scams. Our daily monitoring and scanning process allows us to identify potential threats to our clients’ brands proactively.


We contact the domain name owners directly through the registrar platform, as domain privacy protection can make it difficult to identify the owner. We apply pressure to the owner to cease their infringing behavior and prevent further damage to our clients’ brands.

Comprehensive Process

  • 1. Daily Monitoring and Scanning
  • 2. Analysing Threats
  • 3. Contact and Takedown
  • 4. Take Action(We directly warn the registrar and advertising sources, and some registrars)
  • 5. Take Serious Action (We use the UDRP or even the court system to recover the domain name.)

We follow a comprehensive process for brand protection to ensure that our clients’ brands remain secure and their online presence is safeguarded.