Daily Monitoring and Scanning

We monitor for you

Secure your footing by letting our experts watch 24/7 and intercept infringements early. We’ll help you set the terms of engagement on your digital turf.

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Comprehensive domain activity monitoring

We track everything happening in the domains ecosystem that could potentially impact your brands and trademarks. This enable you to respond to threats early before irreparable damage.

Monitoring 1000+ TLDs

Our global monitoring network updates you on domain registrations, drops or deletions of your brands across 1000+ TLDs. We also alert you to listings on parked domains sites, auctions platforms or unlawful sales solicitations.

We make monitoring simple yet disciplined

An area often neglected until abuse is already rampant. Let us shoulder this burden with automation and vigilance so you can preempt attacks. Our oversight helps rebalance the asymmetric digital landscape favoring cybercriminals back towards genuine brands.