About Us

Our company, based in Singapore, is a brand protection agency with a strong focus on domain name protection and anti-cybersquatting. We provide a high level of security and protection for domain names.

Monitoring for potential infringement or cybersquatting, and taking action to prevent or resolve such issues

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Low Cost & Test Us Free

Our team of domain name experts is dedicated to analyzing potential risks and providing a proactive strategy for brand protection. We offer free audits to assess the status of our clients’ brand protection needs and provide personalized recommendations to elevate their online presence. Additionally, our dedicated corporate account management ensures that our clients receive tailored solutions to protect their key brand-related domain names at low cost.

Our services encompass comprehensive domain name monitoring measures to prevent brand dilution and misuse.

  • Anti-Cybersquatting Services
  • Protect our clients’ intellectual property by taking legal action against individuals or entities that infringe on their trademark rights through domain name misuse.
  • Strong relations in domain name industry
White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany